Sunday, January 31, 2016

2016 Dice Age Store Championships

Yesterday I had the opportunity to both play in and TO the Armada Store Championships at Dice Age Games.  This is the first tournament season for Armada and with wave 2 out there, I was really curious to see how everything would play out.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's been quiet here...

Well, it's certainly been longer between posts here than I had planned.  I work as a teacher and had all kinds of plans to update this blog over my break.  Needless to say that didn't happen.  That isn't to say that I didn't get the chance to play plenty of Armada while I was off work.  I just didn't take the time to write about it.  I have been working on a few things behind the scenes:
  1. Some friends and I took a day and play tested my Armada/X-Wing/Imperial Assault crossover campaign and it went really well.  I've revised the rules and will be posting them to a page here soon.  We are planning to run the campaign at the FLGS in February.
  2. I've also been working on a beginner's guide to Armada page that will hopefully be a good resource for new players getting into the hobby.
  3.  I'm also signed up to run a Store Championship at the end of the month.  Look for a report on how it goes here.  After that there will be a few other championships in the following months that I hope to play in.
  4. In the near future I have some posts in mind about how you can use ships to compliment each other as well as some tips on flying ships closely together.
Other than that I am looking forward to my first Winter Season tournament next weekend and am eagerly anticipating the announcement of Wave 3 like every other Armada player.

So, stay tuned.  More content is on the way.