Friday, September 30, 2016

A game at the new house

We are slowly getting settled in to our new house.  Fortunately, it has a generous space in the basement for me to set up my game table and shelves.

A good friend of mine has been wanting to learn Armada, so we took the time to get in a game last evening.  I'm actually not fully done with the move yet, so the game was briefly interrupted so we could run over to my old house and load a truck for a trip to the dump.

So, that interruption did keep me from writing up a full battle report.  I did have a couple of thoughts after the game:
  • Grav Shift Reroute continues to be amazing.  My friend was 1st player with the Imperials and was able to move the contested outpost to the middle of the table completely nulifying the second player advantage.
  • Ion Cannon Batteries on the Interdictor continue to impress me.  They were consistently working.  I need to try it with NK-7s at some point.
  • Toryn Farr was great and got me an impressive number of re-rolls throughout the game.  I often focus on her ability in the anti-squadron game and forget to use her to fish for crits or accuracies.

Hopefully I will be getting back to my regular writing schedule soon as the we get settled in the new place.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


For the next few weeks updates here will be pretty sparse.  I am currently in the process of moving and fixing up our current house to convert it to a rental.  This will definitely eat into my time that's available for playing games.  

Hopefully when I am all setup to get playing again we should be seeing the Corellian Campaign nearing release!