Sunday, November 15, 2015

Trying out Projection Experts

So far, the general impression of Wave 2 is that offense has gotten a significant boost and ships are being destroyed much more easily.  Cards like Ackbar, Vader, and the new turbolaser upgrades are really increasing the overall damage output.  Still, there were a couple of new defensive upgrades in Wave 2 that have some merit.  One of those is Projection Experts.  I thought I would try to build a fleet around them and see how well they work.

Basic Plan & Formation - Well, the basic plan here is to see how well Projection Experts works on the table.  I want to use it with 2 different ships so that it has a better chance of impacting the overall game.  The only ship for the Imperials that can use them is the Gladiator, which doesn't seem like a good fit, so I will be playing them with the Rebels.  The CR-90 doesn't really have enough Engineering value to get the most out of them, so it looks like I will put one set on an MC-80 and the other on a Nebulon-B.  The MC-80 likes to broadsides, so I will probably try some kind of battle line as my formation.  The Neb-B can act as the Trailer, although it will need to stay close enough to hand off shields.

Core Ships - I know that I'm bringing an MC-80, but which variant?  I don't plan to take 2 Defensive Refits, so the Command version will work fine and save me a couple of points.  I need another ship for the battle line, so I will bring along an Assault Frigate MKIIb for additional broadside firepower.  It can lead the line and have its shields reinforced by the other 2 ships.

Admiral - Admiral Ackbar seems to make the most sense here to improve my firepower.  Rieekian doesn't fit as I am trying to keep ships alive, while Mothma seems silly with the MC-80.  Dodonna doesn't add anything special to the fleet, but Garm could work as well.  Between Garm and Ackbar, I think I will take the Admiral.  The extra firepower will be more useful than the tokens in this case.

Support Ships - There's no reason to make the Neb-B the Escort variant as the Support will work just fine.  I will give it the Redemption title though as that will boost my overall strategy.  I'd like to bring a fourth ship along, but if I do I'd have to sacrifice bringing any squadrons.  So, 3 ships it is.

Squadrons & Upgrades - I've already spent some points on upgrades with 2x Projection Experts and the Redemption title.  Home One is too good of a title to leave behind if I've got an MC-80, so I will bring that as well.  Leading Shots can help the MC-80 have better firepower, while a Gunnery Team seems like a must on the Assault Frigate.  Gallant Haven actually seems like a title that fits what I am doing with this fleet, so I'm going to give that to the Assault Frigate.  That's 46 points on upgrades, which is actually a little heavy for me.

If I had Jan Ors, I would bring her and some X-Wings to take advantage of Gallant Haven.  I don't yet, so I will use Luke and Wedge as my Escorts.  Their Brace tokens plus Gallant Haven will make them very tough to kill.  From there, a couple of B-Wings and a couple of Y-Wings will give me some additional punch.

Objecives - So, what objectives make sense with this fleet?  I have enough bombers to make Precision Strike interesting, but anytime I play an MC-80 Advanced Gunnery is pretty much automatic, so I will use that.  I don't have the mobility for Intel Sweep or Dangerous Territory, so I will go with Superior Positions.  Fire Lanes will be my third choice, although Contested Outpost could work as well.

So, how does it look:

Assault Frigate MKIIb
  • Gallant Haven
  • Gunnery Team
MC-80 Command Cruiser
  • Admiral Ackbar
  • Home One
  • Leading Shots
  • Projection Experts
Nebulon-B Support Refit
  • Redemption
  • Projection Experts
Luke Skywalker
Wedge Antilles
2x B-Wing
2x Y-Wing

For a total of 400 points on the nose.  I could see dropping Gallant Haven and the squadrons for a 4th ship, but I've been enjoying squadrons lately, so I will try this out.  I should get a game in with this fleet tomorrow evening, so look for a battle report coming soon.

How do you think it will do?  


  1. Lovely “thematic” list, with the added aesthetical of a medium number of squadrons( somehow that seems “right” to me for a star wars-like battle).

    For a “mitigation” list I miss ECM to protect your braces, that MC-80 does not seem capable of avoiding/surviving close combat with an ISD+ xi-7 + reroll(leading shots/vader)

    Gallant Haven will help you to protect against squadron heavy list… when yours are close to her… if the enemy target is another ship or he has only covering squadrons that 8 points seems more useful elsewhere

    1. ECMs were something I wanted to try, but wasn't sure there was room. It is likely an upgrade that will be added after some playtesting.

      I think I can make Gallant Haven work. The general plan would be to aggressively move the Gallant Have towards the enemy squadrons, using the other 2 ships to help keep it alive.

      I won't know until I try, but I get to find out later today when I play with this fleet.

    2. Eagerly awaiting test results!..Having read most your entrances I´m sure it will be an interesting reading.... I assume you will fight in a kind of battle line with the frigate as front -covering the slow cruiser from being blocked- and the Neb trailing the rear of the MC-80 at some distance ...would like to see your opponent with 4 activations going all out against home 1 rear