Monday, February 29, 2016

Threat Radius Analysis

Recently, FFG forum member clontroper5 posted an excellent guide to threat radius of each ship in Armada.  I thought it was a great resource, so with his permission I am re-posting it here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Falling out of love with the Assault Frigate

When all we had for Armada was the wave 1 ships, the Rebel Assault Frigate MkII was far and away my favorite ship.  It had a fantastic blend of firepower, toughness, and survivability that made it fun on the table top, even if it looked a little odd at times.  Lately though I find myself playing with them less frequently and when I do, being a bit underwhelmed by their performance.

Heading Back to GenCon!

Thanks to a much larger than expected tax return, my wife encouraged me to head back to GenCon again this year.  So, that means another crack at the Armada North American Championships!  I don't expect to replicate my success from last year, but I will definitely be shooting for a top 10 finish.  Hopefully some of the same players will be there as last year, as it was a really good group of guys.

I'm also looking at playing in another Store Championships this Sunday, at Guardian Games in Portland, OR.  I've been testing an Imperial list that I really like, with a fun new formation that is working well so far.  I will write up a post on the formation after the tournament as I don't want to give my strategy away beforehand.