Monday, December 14, 2015

Gallant Haven in Wave 2

Gallant Haven is an interesting title.  It has huge potential to tilt the squadron game in your favor.  It does limit the maneuver options for your ships and squadrons, but I think the benefits it can provide could be worth the effort.  I haven't had much chance to use it in Wave 2, but wanted to build a fleet that would really feature it.

Basic Plan & Formation - Knowing that I plan to use Gallant Haven really sets this up.  I will want an Assault Frigate and a good number of squadrons to swarm around it.  Assault frigates lend themselves to firing some broadsides, so I may form a small battle line behind Gallant Haven.  The range limitation of the title will mean that I will want to aggressively close with my opponent.

Core Ships - Well obviously, I will have an Assault Frigate Mk IIb as part of my fleet.  I am thinking that I will back it up with an MC-80 Command Cruiser.  It can act as an alternate carrier and also support the Gallant Haven with some Projector Experts.

Admiral - With an Assault Frigate and an MC-80 as the core of my fleet, Ackbar makes a lot of sense.  Some tokens from Garm could also be helpful and save some points.  Let's try it with Garm and switch it up if I decide that what I need is more firepower.
Support Ships - I know that I will want at least one more ship for activation purposes.  I could bring a cheap CR-90, but they don't get much out of Garm.  So, lets go with Neb-B.

Upgrades - Well, Gallant Haven is obvious and I think Adar Tallon could be a big boon on the Haven.  I can give the Neb-B the Yavaris title for maximum squadron shenanigans.  Projection Experts on the MC-80 will help the rest of the fleet out and I am going to give Defiance a try as I haven't used it yet.

Squadrons - Jan Ors + the Gallant Haven effect is awesome, so she needs to be in the fleet.  I think some X-wings to escort her seems good.  I haven't played with my Scurrg yet, so I will add that in as well.  Dutch can come along as well to help shut down Rogues.

Objectives - Advanced Gunnery is an automatic choice with the MC-80.  Superior Positions works great with my squadron compliment.  For yellow, I think I will go with Contested Outpost and dare my opponent to come towards my squadrons.

Here's what I end up with:

Assault Frigate Mk IIb
  • Gallant Haven
  • Adar Tallon
MC-80 Command Cruiser
  • Garm Bel Iblis
  • Defiance
  • Projection Experts
Nebulon-B Escort
  • Yavaris
Jan Ors
4x X-Wings

Looks like fun.  I will give it a try tonight and post a battle report tomorrow.

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