Wednesday, March 16, 2016

GR-75 and Gozanti!!

Today at the GAMA trade show in Las Vegas, FFG showed a quick preview of the incoming GR-75 and Gozanti models for Armada.  No real details were given, but they are supposed to be available this summer.

The first thing that stands out is that these come 2 ships to a stand.  That actually makes a ton of sense to me.  Individually, they would be weak and therefore cheap.  In order to prevent people from simply spamming them for activations, the 2 to a base allows them to be a more appropriate cost.  I would be surprised if they cost much less than CR-90b.

What will they do?  Maybe they will come with new objectives.  That would be fun.  Otherwise, they could provide cheap squadron commands like they do in X-Wing.  I am sure we will see a preview article soon.

Who has a guess on what these might do in the game? 


And now we have the real preview article. 

The fleet support sounds interesting and the flotilla rule is a great way to keep a ramming swarm from being a problem.  They are still ships though and will work with Admiral abilities.

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  1. A handful of these in your backfield would be very handy for activation advantage. If they can take boosted Comms even better. I confess though, after the ISD a few little ships feel... A tad underwhelming.