Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Podcast Live Tonight - Boring Conversation Anyways

I am excited to announce a new thing I will be working on with some other members of the Star Wars: Armada community - Boring Conversation Anyways.  We're imagining it as being similar to a radio call-in show all about Armada.

The show will be a Live Google Hangout where you can hear Biggs (from the excellent Steel Squadron blog), John, Cory, and myself discussing Armada and ask us questions through the live chat feature in the Hangout.

The Hangout will also be recorded so you can listen in later if you can't make it live, but we are really hoping for a good amount of audience participation.

The plan is for the show to go live today at 6:00pm PST.  

I will post a link here on the blog later today.

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