Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hammerhead and Quasar!

Coming straight from Lothal, FFG is bringing the Hammerhead Corvette and Quasar Fire Carrier to our games of Armada.

These look like some really fun ships.  Announcement articles from FFG don't often have a ton of details, but let's take a look at what we can find.

First, this continues the trend of the past couple of waves bringing us content from the Rebels TV show.  I really enjoy the show, so that works well for me.  These new ships have each been the focus of one episode with appearances in others.  Lets start with the Quasar Fire.

In Rebels, they actually steal this Imperial ship to use as a new flagship after Vader trashes their Pelta.  Still it makes more sense to see this ship with Imperial fleets.  It gives the Imperials a 3rd medium base option and given its low firepower and durability I would expect it to be fairly inexpensive.  So, what can we tell:
  • Medium base
  • 2/2/2/1 Shields
  • 6 Hull
  • Only 2 defense tokens - Brace & Redirect
  • REALLY wide front arc
  • Red Anti-Squadron Dice!!
  • 2 Command, 4 Squadron, 4 Engineering
  • Similar attack dice to a CR-90
  • Offensive Refits and Weapons Teams
It will be less durable than the GSD or Pelta in many ways.  The real value seems to be in that Squadron 4 value and the uniqueness of a potential red anti-squad dice.  Konstantine will be happy to have a cheap medium base ship to work with and there are plenty of ways to leverage Squadron 4.

The Hammerhead design in an homage to the ships in the KOTOR video games.  Leia delivered some to the Rebels on the show, so it is fitting to see her as the included Admiral.  The most unique thing about the Hammerhead in Armada is that it is purchased in pairs.  It also looks to come with some non-unique titles that I imagine will give bonuses to using them in pairs.  What else can we see:
  • Small Base
  • 2/1/1/1 Shields
  • 5 Hull
  • Evade, Redirect, and Contain
  • Black and Blue dice versions
  • Offensive Refits, Weapons Teams, and Ordnance
  • 1 Command
I am really curious to see where they go with the paired ship nature of the expansion.  The black dice version has some potential for shenanigans with Sato.

I don't have time to write much more, but will dig into the upgrades and admirals soon!

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