Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Falling out of love with the Assault Frigate

When all we had for Armada was the wave 1 ships, the Rebel Assault Frigate MkII was far and away my favorite ship.  It had a fantastic blend of firepower, toughness, and survivability that made it fun on the table top, even if it looked a little odd at times.  Lately though I find myself playing with them less frequently and when I do, being a bit underwhelmed by their performance.

So, why has the venerable Whale fallen out of my favor? 

 Part of the reason is that I have really been looking to find out what MC-80s and MC-30s can do when I play with my Rebels.  Call it Shiny New Ship Syndrome I guess.  I've also been playing more games with Imperials as well.

 Really though, I think the reason I have been underwhelmed is the lack of native dice modification abilities.  At this point, every Armada fleet that I fly has some kind of dice modification baked in.  If you've been following this blog, you know that I Hate Blanks!  That has only grown further with the advent of Wave 2.

The Assault Frigate would really benefit from Leading Shots, but that isn't an option.  For whatever reason, I haven't tried TRCs with them yet.  It just seems like it's not the best option.  I love TRCs on MC-30s and CR-90s, maybe I need to try them with the Whale.

Home One is also a favorite of mine, but lately I've been trying to push up my activation count.  I cant field home One, a Whale and still make it to 4 ships without major sacrifices.

So, what do I need to try to get the Assault Frigate back in to my good graces?


  1. I mainly play Imps, but I think the whale works well as a cheaper, flightier MC80 in a list that is going for activation advantage and/or using Mon Mothma to boost the little guys. Makes a good flagship as it can take a beating, and push your fighters around - soaking up fire while the smaller ships use TRCs to grind down the opponent's fleet. Probably less useful as a gunship now unless taking Ackbar.

  2. I've found two roles for one. First, it use it as a flagship and carrier for my Mon Mothma fleet. All I expect it to do is 1) live and 2) activate the A-Wings with Flight Controllers. If it does some more damage, awesome. Second, I have come to like it in my H6-heavy list. Since H6s are more mobile than B-Wings, I can bypass the expensive MC80 Independence and use the AFII for a considerable discount. This allows me to then beef up the other ships in the fleet.