Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Kit Tournament

This past Saturday, Dice Age Games hosted a tournament with the new Spring Kit from FFG as prizes.  As I will be judging and not playing in the Regional tournament there in 2 weeks, I was looking forward to getting some games in.
As I wasn't expecting a super competitive environment, I decided to try a new fleet.

Nebulon-b Support
  • Admiral Ackbar
  • Salvation
  • Slaved Turrets
MC-30 Scout
  • TRCs
  • Ordnance Experts
  • APTs
Assault Frigate MKIIb
  • Gunnery Team
  • Jaina's Light
  • TRCs
3x A-Wings
3x YT-2400

I built the fleet to go second and hopefully make the most of my objectives.  I took Most Wanted, Superior Positions, and Fire Lanes.

My first opponent was playing a 5 ship Rebel fleet with 3x Nebs, 2 MC-30s, and some aces led by Garm.  He allowed me to go first and I opted for us to play Dangerous Territory.  This ended up being a mistake as it put me off of my plan as I tried to grab some objectives.

We both deployed fairly spread out, but moved towards a confrontation in the middle of the table.

I erred with my CR-90 and pushed it forwards to early getting it killed in Turn 2.

With concentrated firepower I was able to drop Admonition and overall, the squadron game went my way.

He ended up killing Ackbar, while I dropped both MC-30s and a Neb.  He had an advantage on the tokens and it was a close result with me gaining a 6-4 win.

My next opponent was also playing a Rebel swarm, this time led by Rieekan.  3x MC-30s and a pair of CR-90s with a couple of squadrons.  She opted to go first and we played Most Wanted.  I chose one of the MC-30s and my CR-90 as the objective ships.

I deployed the MC-30 and Whale as a mini-conga line.  It worked out really well overall.  At speed 2, the Whale can shuffle over and avoid the MC-30 in front of it allowing a lot of flexibility in activation order.

My opponent erred in her activation order early on, giving up a shot in my objective ship to target something else.  This allowed it to escape and harass the rest of the game.  my MC-30 was also able to blast her CR-90b for an early kill.

That MC-30 ended up being a rock star accounting for 4 of my opponent's 5 ships this game.

In the end, I again lost Ackbar's Neb-B while cleaning up in the squadron game.  My squadrons rolled poorly at anti-ship work, but were great at anti-squadron for pretty much the whole tournament.  This one ended up 9-1 in my favor.

The final round saw me playing a 4 ship Imperial fleet led by Ozzel.  There was an ISD and 3 Gladiators, one of which was Demolisher.

This was against a regular opponent who likes to use Ozzel to start out slow before bumping to speed 3 and pouncing his whole fleet in.

He eventually pounced forward with Demolisher and hit my flagship.  I still had my MC-30 to activate, so I shot Demo for a little damage and moved the MC-30 between the Demolisher and my flagship.  I figured the obstruction could keep my flagship alive at the cost of the MC-30.

And that was pretty much how it went.  The MC-30 went poof and the rest of my fleet killed the Demolisher.  

I forgot to take pictures the last couple of rounds, but I was able to use activation order tricks to keep my ships alive and drop another of his Gladiators.  I was careless with the CR-90 and got it killed by the ISD.  I ended with another 6-4 win.

As the turnout was pretty small my 21 tournament points was enough for the win earning me the new prize support.  The MC-80 card is really nice even if I don't think I have ever played an Assault Cruiser.

I liked the fleet, but it needs some tweaks.
  • The Slaved Turrets have to go.  Over the course of the tournament it cost me as many dice as it gave me.  It's not bad, it's just not worth the cost.
  • I think I am going to cut some squadrons and upgrades to sneak in another TRC-CR-90.  I have had better success with them in pairs.


  1. Salvation and TRC is something i've had substantial success with. It's like the extra reroll, but it counts as a crit and the extra damage, which is hilariously mean.

    Why a Nebulon with Ackbar, may i ask? I've been considering it, but was curious with how you ran it. Standard nebulon with jousting, and then using the Ackbar ability if the opportunity presented itself? Jumping in between his ships for some mean broadsides at the cost of your ship? Again, ive been thinking about using it and was curious with what your experience with it was.

    1. I had wanted to use TRCs, but was one point short and went with Slaved Turrets. I will try TRCs in the future.

      I've used Nebs with Ackbar before and always pretty successfully. I'm not sure if you've read it, but I have an article on here about using Nebs as a Trailer. The idea to have the Neb engage later in the game and attack anything that gets past the battle line. It works really well if you are patient. The nice thing with Ackbar is you can occasionally setup double broadsides that are pretty mean.

      The broadsides on the Neb are wide enough to take advantage of the firepower and with a late engagement, the flimsy shields aren't too much of a liability.

    2. I've read, subscribed, and have begun converting others to the Cult of the Trailer, haha. It saved me in one of my Adepticon games for SURE, and it's my usual go to. I've got a 500 point goofy game Thursday, and i'll be sure to try it out, see how it goes.

  2. Awesome! Glad to hear it helped you out.