Sunday, May 1, 2016

Regionals Results Data - April

Over on the FFG Community discussion boards I have started collecting the results from the various Regional tournaments an collating the data.  Already some interesting trends have started to appear.

The discussion thread on the FFG boards can be found here.

I've been posting some of the data there and it has been helpful in a couple of discussions.  This post is going to have some graphs that help highlight some of the trends we are seeing from the early Regionals that took place during the month of April.

So far, attendance has favored the Imperials.  Also, as the tournament goes on the Imperials are definitely dominating the top tables.  Not so good for the Rebel fleet although they have still gotten a couple of overall winners.

Here we can see that Motti and Screed are well represented in both the tournament and at the top tables.  Screed has yet to win overall, despite a strong showing making the top 8.  Rieekan has been the lone bright spot for the Rebel side of things.  I think he is a great counter to what all those Imperial players are bringing.

 This gives a nice overall look at how the different Admirals are doing.  Vader doesn't show up often, but does well when he does.  In almost every sense though the April Armada Regionals were dominated by Motti.  I've never thought much of him as an admiral, but maybe I need to re-think that.

This is an interesting one that looks at how the different types of fleets have been doing.  Rhymerballs and Demolisher based builds have been really dominant.  There have been lots of squadron heavy Rebel builds, but they have not been doing well at all.  I wold have expected more Mon Mothma based CR-90 swarms or Rebel swarms in general as I have done well with those and they are popular in this area, but those have been nearly non-existent.

I'm a little surprised by these numbers.  I tend to think of the Assault Frigate and CR-90 as the two best Rebel ships and they are showing up the least frequently.  The MC-80 has been really prevalent.

With only 4 ships to choose from you'd expect the numbers to be a bit higher for the Imperials, but wow does no one take the VSD.

The Top 8 is showing some preference for a higher number of activations.

But the Top 8 seems to prefer a slightly lower number of squadrons overall.

What stands out to you?


  1. Very interesting analysis. What archetype did you classify my Rieekan list as? It's not quite a swarm (4 ships total) but has elements of both swarms and a not insignificant squadron cost (89 points).

    1. I added you in with the Rieekan Swarm lists. Most have more ships than you, but the 3 CR-90s fit there the best. The Rieekan Aced fleets feature more unique pilots than you have a typically Yavaris as well.

      It's been a challenge setting the categories. The fewer categories that I have the more useful the data is. But it's all based on my perception/judgement rather than the intent of the player.

      Obviously there can be some divergence in the archetype categories, but I've tried to separate them in the most useful fashion.

  2. What is the sample size of your data set?

    1. I had meant to add that to the post. I have the full lists and rankings for 3 regionals and attendance and top finisher data for 4 others.

      More details in this post on the FFG forums.

  3. I find it interesting that the MC80 is the most popular Rebel ship by a long way. Perhaps the reason why they haven't been performing so well overall!

    Can you split out the data to identify performance of non-MC80 Rebel fleets vs those with?

  4. I've posted the spreadsheet of my data here:

    You can get a better idea of how the MC-80 is fairing there.