Monday, June 6, 2016

Revsing my regionals fleet

I managed to take 4th place at the Tacoma, WA Armada Regional.  I didn't know until the day before the tournament that I would be able to attend, so I took a list that was new to me.  It was a list that I had been theorizing on for the North American Championships at GenCon.  The tournament seemed like a great chance to test the list in a competitive environment.

This is the fleet that I took:
  • 2x Assault Frigate MkIIb - Gunnery Team
  • CR-90a - TRC, Leia, Ackbar
  • CR-90a - TRC, Jaina's Light
  • 6x YT-2400s

It is intentionally very simple.  I wanted a balanced fleet that won more through brute force than guile.  4 ships gives me a fair number of activations, Ackbar ensures I have respectable firepower, the YT-2400s provide excellent, autonomous anti-squad firepower, the CR-90s give me good mobility, and the simplicity of the fleet should lend itself to playing in a long tournament.  Leia was a last minute addition as I wasn't sure where else to use the points and wanted to give her a try.

You can read my tournament recap here.

Essentially, I really liked the fleet and how it performed.  I played 3 different styles of fleet and felt like I was able to match up well with each of them.  The threat of the Ackbar enhanced Assault Frigates forced my opponent into some hard choices.  This is good as I want my opponents to have to react to me.  The YT-2400s preformed well in the squadron game and Rogue proved to be really invaluable.  I know that I made some command errors, which would be expected for the first time suing a fleet.  I feel like I could use the same fleet again and perform better.

Not that there isn't room for improvement...

With the Gunnery Teams on the Assault Frigates enhanced by Ackbar, I was throwing a ton of red dice each turn.  Of course those are red dice, which are the least reliable in the game.  So while I had some excellent rolls, many were average and some were just awful.  It is human nature that I remember the awful rolls the best and have a bias that believes they came at the worst time.

So, if I fixed anything it would be to find a way to make those red dice more reliable.  If we go back to this post from last year, we can see there are a few options: 
  • Sensor Teams would compete with Gunnery Teams and don't do much to increase damage.  They would be an interesting option if Flotillas become commonplace.
  • Home One would be outstanding, but the cost to swap an Assault Frigate for an MC-80 is pretty high.  Given that it boosts the whole fleet it is worth considering.
  • Turbolaser Reroute Circuits are one of the strongest upgrades in the game, although I have never used them with an Assault Frigate.  Gunnery Teams would have me shooting 2 broadsides a turn, but I could only reliably use TRCs once a turn.  If I changed from Assault Frigates to MC-30s, these would be more useful.
  • Concentrate Fire Tokens are another option.  In Wave 1, I won a lot of tournaments using 2 Assault Frigates with Enhanced Armament.  The couple of Concentrate Fire tokens that I got each game from Garm really helped.  I don't want to switch admirals, so I would need another source of them.  In this case putting the Raymus/Tantive combo on one of the CR-90s could help get tokens on the Assault Frigates.
Each of those choices has some merits, but none really stand out.  I suppose if there was an obvious solution, I would have already put it in the fleet.  Fortunately, I have plenty of time to try out some different ideas.

Here are some options:

Adding in Tantive IV
  • 2x Assault Frigate MkIIb - Gunnery Teams
  • CR-90a - TRC, Ackbar, Raymus, Tantive IV
  • CR-90a - TRC
  • 4x YT-2400
  • 2x B-Wings
Adding in Home One
  • Assault Frigate MkIIb - Gunnery Team
  • MC-80 - Home One, Leading Shots
  • CR-90a - TRC, Ackbar
  • CR-90a - TRC
  • 4x YT-2400s

Switching to MC-30s
  • 2x MC-30 - Gunnery Teams, TRCs
  • CR-90a - TRC, Ackbar
  • CR-90a - TRC
  • 4x YT-2400s
  • 2x B-Wings
So, what do you think?  Are any of those fleets improvements?


  1. The reliability of firepower from red dice is an issue, which Ackbar helps address by throwing more of them into the mix. Leading shots / TRCs are then the only options to reliably increase damage (wave 4 veteran gunners will be interesting).

    That is why I love the MC30 - the firepower is great, but it takes careful maneuvering (or Riekaan) to get the best out of hammering the enemy. Although Ackbar tempts you to take gunnery teams on the MC30, my experience suggests that ordnance experts is more important to get the most of those crucial black dice exchanges.

    I might therefore suggest a tweak to your last fleet, which gives 5 activations and Ackbar a ship that doesn't have to get involved in the fight! 400pts on the nose.

    MC30 scout, ordnance experts, APTs, Lando

    MC30 scout, ordnance experts, APTs, Admonition

    CR90A, TRCs

    CR90A, TRCs

    CR90A, Ackbar

    3 x YT2400

  2. I like adding in the Tantilles CR-90. I love the flexibility of command that ship gives you.

    But as a B-Wing-lover, I know how difficult they can be to fly, especially if you want to take advantage of Speed 3 with your fleet. I'd be tempted to throw in a couple of A-Wings instead of B-Wings on that fleet. Or at least Y-Wings since they still have bomber and can keep up with the fleet. You can also add Jaina's Light back to your other TRC-90.