Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fleet Building Contest

Here's my entry to the Fleet Building Contest and the strategy that I submitted to FFG that goes with it.

Garm Strikes back
Faction: Rebel Alliance
Points: 400/400

Commander: Garm Bel Iblis
Assault Objective: Advanced Gunnery
Defense Objective: Contested Outpost
Navigation Objective: Superior Positions

MC80 Star Cruiser (96 points)
Liberty  ( 3  points)
-  Skilled First Officer  ( 1  points)
-  Gunnery Team  ( 7  points)
-  Nav Team  ( 4  points)
-  Leading Shots  ( 4  points)
= 115 total ship cost

[ flagship ] Assault Frigate Mark II B (72 points)
-  Garm Bel Iblis  ( 25  points)
Paragon  ( 5  points)
-  Skilled First Officer  ( 1  points)
= 103 total ship cost

Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57 points)
Yavaris  ( 5  points)
-  Flight Commander  ( 3  points)
-  Fighter Coordination Team  ( 3  points)
= 68 total ship cost

GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points)
Bright Hope  ( 2  points)
-  Toryn Farr  ( 7  points)
-  Bomber Command Center  ( 8  points)
= 35 total ship cost

1 Jan Ors ( 19 points)
2 X-Wing Squadrons ( 26 points)
2 Y-Wing Squadrons ( 20 points)
1 B-Wing Squadron ( 14 points)

Fleet created with Armada Warlords

When new ships come out, I always like to look at how they can interact with old ships and upgrades.  The Liberty is a great opportunity for that.  I am a huge fan of Garm bel Iblis and used him as my admiral when I took 2nd place last year at GenCon.  When Wave 2 came out, I found myself playing with the new admirals and not getting Garm onto the table much.  He just didn't seem to fit the Rebel fleets I was flying.  Well, the Liberty looks made for Garm and I am excited to use him again with the Liberty.

When I design a fleet I think about the formation that I want to use as much as the ships that go in it.  Well, I expect people will react to a Liberty in much the same way as an ISD, which is to try to run around a flank.  So, the plan will be to use that knowledge to get the opponent to go where I want.  I have a post on my blog ( about Herding With Star Destroyers that uses this basic concept and it fits here.

So, the Liberty should be placed on the very side of the deployment space.  The goal is to use the table edge to protect one flank.  It wants to then head forward and eventually turn in parallel to the long table edge.  How far it goes depends on what the opponent is up to.  The Paragon will deploy about range 3-4 from the Liberty and heading mostly parallel to the long table edge.  It will turn in once it is outside of the enemy.

So, basically we are using the Liberty and the Paragon to invite an 'Ackbar Slash'.  Both ships need to have Navigate as every other command.  They can use my new best friend, the 'Skilled First Officer', to switch to Nav at any time and turn in towards the enemy fleet.  Yavaris and Bright Hope will fly slowly back between the 2 larger ships along with the squadrons.  The goal is to herd the enemy between the big ships and into the bomber cloud where hopefully Yavaris combined with the Bomber Command Center will do some good damage. 
I will definitely be using this fleet as soon as I have the chance.  So, even if it is not selected, you will see a battle report with it here eventually.


  1. I like it. For a single point, skilled first officer does give you nice command flexibility. And X-wings will be a credible bomber threat with BCC.

    Were you tempted for fire lanes instead of contested outpost? I like both, but have recently discovered fire lanes as a great option for herding the enemy into your guns.

    Presume the Liberty would be the Advanced Gunnery ship, or Paragon for the extra die?

    1. I think i may agree with firing lanes. That new grav well could move that station to an unwanted spot.

    2. I went with Contested Outpost as I have used it with a similar Imperial build. Still, stacked Firelanes tokens would work just as well.

      And Advanced Gunnery would be for the Paragon.