Saturday, July 23, 2016

New Objectives!!

I'm back from my vacation and getting prepped to head to GenCon in a couple of weeks.  I'm looking forward to the tournament there and knowing hat I will be able to buy some Wave 3 & 4 ships is pretty exciting.  Even better though was the announcement of the Corellian Conflict Campaign Expansion.  I love campaigns and this one looks to be really fun.  It also looks like it will expand the game in new ways with 16 additional unique squadrons to choose from.  Rogue Squadron looks to be  a staple for me.

What I think will really be great for the game as a whole will be the addition of 12 new Objective cards.  This is something the game needs as the original 12 had gotten a bit stale and this should provide some fun new challenges when it comes to fleet construction.  Let's take a look at the thee new objectives that were previewed:

Station Assault - This new red objective is unique already in that the second player starts the game with an 80 point lead!  I haven't found that the station's repair ability comes up really often, but denying it to your opponent while doubling it for yourself can be a nice boon.  What we don't know is how easy it will be for your opponent to kill those stations and earn the 40 points back.  Assuming they have enough hit points to last through a couple of attacks, the second player can really gain an advantage by forcing their opponent to waste attacks.  Parking something cheap like a flotilla as an obstruction could be good in this case.

This objective seems like it will pair well with fleets that want their opponent coming to them already.  I would expect to see it with Contested Outpost fairly often.

Jamming Barrier - I'm not sure what to make of this objective.  It seems like a good choice for short ranged fleets.  It would allow them to approach longer-ranged fleets much more safely.It gives an interesting tactical advantage, but no other points.  It also refers to Dust Fields replacing the normal Debris Fields.  It will be interesting to see what effect those end up having.  I will have to try it, but my initial thoughts are that this objective doesn't suit my playstyle.

Salvage Run - This one is kind of like an Intel Sweep, but any hip can grab the tokens.  It seems like a good objective for fleets that want their opponent to come to them.  It interesting that it will also add in the Dust Fields, for a total of 8 obstacles.  Certainly an objective that Jaina's Light will like.  This objective should force a fight in the middle of the table among a bunch of obstacles.  I think it will make for some pretty entertaining games.

So what do you think?  which of these three can you see using with your current fleets?


  1. I am just happy we are getting new Obj.

  2. Im basically on board with you but jamming barrier intrigued me. How well can i use this to help protect against a flank maneuver. Wish this wasnt yellow as i feel i would play it more.