Thursday, August 4, 2016

GenCon - Thursday Morning

It's Thursday morning at GenCon and there are nerds everywhere.

I arrived and got in line to pick up my press badge.  Having my blogs name on the badge makes me feel all official and stuff.  

They were giving 90 people with press badges tickets for early access to the exhibit hall.  I was lucky to get one of the last of these.  This will give me an extra hour to grab my Wave 3 & 4 ships before trying to interview someone from FFG about armada.   

After grabbing my badge I headed to the event hall to check out the FFG area.   They OP guys were getting ready to stick the prize cases and I was able to snap some photos with the case open to reduce the glare.  

The full range ruler is double sided and the others look really useful.  The Luke card is new as well as the tokens.

That VSD 1 card is amazing!  It's made of plastic.  It's like a credit card material.  The image is also glossy in places and the effect is really fun.  My goal for the tourney is now to do well enough to win one of these.  

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