Friday, August 5, 2016

Quick Wave 5 notes

I asked a couple of FFG employees what they were most excited about for Wave 5.  I've found they are more willing to answer those kinds of open-ended questions.

Anyways, one noted that he was excited for the new squadron options.  The new abilities open up some great new strategies that when combined with Waves 3 and 4 will make Squadron play much more dynamic.

The designer I spoke with was most excited for the Arquitens.  It just fills a niche that the Imperials don't have and will allow for some diversity of fleet builds.

Other notes I gathered:
  • The Arquitens will pair well with Vader.  It has an excess of defense tokens including Redirect and Contain that it won't necessarily need all the time and the red dice will want those re-rolls.
  • They are intentionally releasing pairs of similar-ish admirals on both sides.  Jerjerrod is meant to be the Imperial counterpart to Madine.  He is also designed as a specific fix for VSDs.
  • The Pelta is meant as a counterpart to the Interdictor.  If you like synergy builds, it will be your ship of choice.

That's all I know for now.  I will pass along more as I find things out.

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  1. Nice. As soon as I saw Jerjerod I thought of dusting off the VSDs! The Pelta sounds really interesting with the synergy between ships.