Monday, November 14, 2016

2016-17 Regionals Data

Earlier in the year I worked with members of the FFG forums to collect fleet list data from Regional tournaments all around the world.  It ended up being a really interesting project and you can see the results here:

2016 Regionals Data 

Well, the new season kicked off last weekend and we already have 3 Regionals completed.  Once again, members of the FFG forums are stepping up to collect fleet list data and I am hoping to make the results even more thorough this time around.

Here's the new link:

2016-17 Regionals Data

I'm working on making things a little easier to read this time around.  I'm also adding in collection of data on objectives and squadron use.  As of writing this the squadron and objective use data isn't being sorted yet, but I expect to have that working later this week.

I'm also not currently categorizing fleets in to archetypes yet.  I want to wait a couple of weeks and see which patterns emerge.

Let me know what you think!