Monday, November 21, 2016

Return of the Trailer

While I haven't been playing much lately, I have been brainstorming lists.  So, knowing I was going to make it to Armada night at the FLGS this week I had a bunch of ideas I wanted to try.

Rather than trying out fleet builds, I started thinking in terms of formations I wanted to try.  So, I went back to my 'Trailer' fleet builds that I used for the Massing at Sullust events and gave it an update to Wave 3/4 ships.

Basic Plan & Formation

The basic plan of the Trailer is to use a battle line to try to rush the flank of your opponent and then leave a ship behind to mop up the stragglers.  

Many players plan their strategy for moving straight ahead and rushing for a flank can throw them off their plan.  I had been doing this with paired Assault Frigates and found that sometimes a heavily damaged ship would survive past my battle line.  This led me to introduce the Trailer.  I typically used Salvation for the job, although other ships can work.  I would place it off to the side with my battle line between my opponent and the Trailer.  The Trailer then approaches slowly and attacks later in the game.  Usually not firing shots till turn 3 or 4.

Core Ships

I already knew I would be bringing a Nebulon Support as my Trailer.  I needed to know what my battle line would be made of.   I decided to go with an Assault Frigate MkIIb and an MC-80 Command Cruiser.  The Command Cruiser as I think both the AF and Salvation will benefit from the Home One title.


While the battle line approach really lends itself to Ackbar, I think I'd like to use Garm for this one.  Mostly as he was the admiral for my original Trailer fleets, but also as saving the 13 points seems nice too.

Support Ships

With an MC-80, AF, and Neb I already have a ton of points sunk in ships.  Still, another activation would be good so it's time to bring along a GR-75 flotilla.


I know I am bringing Salvation and Home One.  The Assault Frigate gets a Gunnery Team.  Home One gets the requisite Leading Shots and I decided to try out Engine Techs with it as well to help it get around flanks early on.  The GR-75 gets a BCC and Toryn Farr to help me in the squadron game.  An extra point allows Home One to get s Skilled First Officer.


This is actually a pretty defensive fleet in play, so some squadrons with staying seems best.  Jan Ors, 3 X-Wings, and a pair of Y-Wings will allow for a good defensive squadron group.


While I'd love to try some of the new objectives, for now I will stick with Advanced Gunnery, Fire Lanes, and Dangerous Territory.  

Fleet List

MC-80 Command Cruiser
  • Garm bel Iblis
  • Home One
  • Leading Shots
  • Engine Techs
  • Skilled First Officer
Assault Frigate MkIIb
  • Gunnery Teams
Nebulon-b Support Frigate
  • Salvation
GR-75 Transports
  • Toryn Farr
  • Bomber Command Center
Jan Ors
3x X-Wings
2x Y-Wings

400 points.

Check in tomorrow to see how I did in my game.      

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