Wednesday, September 2, 2015

In For Refits - Generic Officers

I've decided to do separate posts for the Rebel, Imperial, and generic officers.  This post will take a look at the generic officers.  They provide some really nice utility to your fleet and most let you work with command dials and tokens.

Defense Liaison

Found in:  Core Set, Nebulon-B, Victory Star Destroyer

The Good:  Lets you change your command dial to either Navigate or Engineering.  Relatively cheap upgrade. 

The Bad:  Costs a command token to use.

Best on:  Ships with a Command Rating of 3. 

Combos with:  Grand Moff Tarkin's steady supply of tokens makes for a very flexible command phase.  

Verdict:  I like the Defense Liaison more than the Weapons Liaison.  I feel like you are more likely to need a Navigate or Engineering command on short notice than the other way around.  Some great flexibility if you can provide it with a strong source of tokens.  Without Tarkin as your admiral, I'm not sure how useful they really are.

Weapons Liaison

Found in: Core Set, Assault Frigate MKII, Gladiator

The Good:  Lets you change your command dial to either Concentrate Fire or Squadron.  Relatively cheap upgrade.

The Bad:  Costs a command token to use.

Best on:  Ships with a Command Rating of 3.

Combos with:  Grand Moff Tarkin's steady supply of tokens makes for a very flexible command phase.

Verdict:  Provides great flexibility at the cost of a toke.  Great if you have ready access to Command Tokens, but otherwise has limited utility.

Veteran Captain

Found in:  Assault Frigate MK II, Victory Star Destroyer

The Good:  Tremendous flexibility to get you a command token when you need one.

The Bad:  One use only.

Best on:  Anything.  All ships can benefit from the right command token at a key moment.

Combos with:  Upgrades that key off of specific commands like Flight Controllers or Engine Techs.  Ensures you can use them even when you have your dial set for something else.

Verdict:  An underrated card.  I am a huge fan of command tokens and these guys frequently make it into my lists that aren't led by Garm or Tarkin.  Gives you the flexibility to respond to many situations.

Intel Officer

Found in:  Victory SD, Nebulon-B

The Good:  Probably the single best counter to most defensive strategies.  Really nullifies cards like Enhanced Projectors.  Forces your opponent to make tough decisions.

The Bad:  A little expensive and only works on one attack per turn.  I've had whole games where it was never useful.

Best on:  Any ship with enough firepower to make not using a Defense Token a tough choice.  I've had great luck using them on Assault Frigates as their Turbolaser Upgrade is often used by Enhanced Armament and can't take H9s or XI7s.

Combos with:  Upgrades that give accuracy to eliminate your opponents defensive options.

Verdict:  A great card and is useful in most any build.  It is better against tough to kill ships like ISDs or MC-80s than small ships as you are more likely to need many shots to take them out and the loss of those tokens can sting more.  It really works best on ships that fire early in the turn.

Support Officer

Found in:  Imperial SD

The Good:  Allows you to totally reset your command dials. 

The Bad:  One use only.

Best on:  Ships with a Command value of 3.

Combos with:  Upgrades that cue off of specific commands.

Verdict:  The Support Officer provides a nice alternative to the 2 Liaisons.  It doesn't require the Command Token support, which makes it easier to add into any fleet.  There have been games where I felt my command stack was just setup wrong and this upgrade would allow me to fix that with ease.  If you build your fleet around one of the large ships, I could see where this would really help you to get the most out of it, but I am sure there would be games it would go unused.  Still, this is the king of insurance policies.

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