Sunday, September 27, 2015

More Wave 2 Spolers

A user at a French Armada forum has posted some pictures spoiling the Rogues and Villains pack as well as one more upgrade from the MC-30.  If you can't wait til Wednesday for the FFG preview take a look at the following link or check out the picture below.

There are some really interesting new abilities there.  As I suspected, the named pilots are all very expensive.  Still the Rogue, Intel, and Grit keywords all seem pretty useful.  

The MC-30 new card we can see here is the Engineering Captain.  For 6 points he lets you flip your dial to an Engineering Command.  That's pretty useful and could certainly keep a ship alive when it would otherwise be lost. 

The basic YV-666 is solid, but slow anti-fighter unit.  The Hound's Tooth is a killer.  With a free accuracy once he's damaged, he can be a threat to both named squadrons and ships.

The Firespray is pretty mean, Bomber plus 2 Blue dice makes it a solid threat to ships, while Boba increases the damage output to both ships and squadrons.


The Jumpmaster makes a nice boost to Swarm based ships, keeping them from being pinned down with Intel.  Dengar hands out the very powerful Counter ability although at a heavy increase in points.

The Agressor is a fantastic anti-squadron ship with Rogue.  It will be great as the only squadron in a fleet.  IG-2000 is an assassin, able to hit whatever squadron that he wants.

Jan Ors

We have already seen Jan, but she will be fun with a group of Y-wings or X-wings I think.  The basic Hawk provides a cheap source of Intel.

Dash Rendar

The basic YT-2400 gives the Rebels an effective Rogue ship that can hunt squadrons easily.  I can't really make out what the Out rider does.


Nym's ability is probably the second strongest in the group.  Taking out defense tokens is huge, even if it's only a 1 in 4 chance.  The basic H-6 is kind of a faster B-Wing.

Han Solo
Counter + Escort makes the basic YT-1300 pretty amazing.  Slow, but it will still work great with B-Wings.  Han Solo brings the strongest ability in the pack.  Move at the start of the turn and hit something pretty darn hard.  He's a trheat to both ships and squadrons.  26 points is a ton, but he is a game winner.

All in all, some really fun stuff.  I would expect to see lots more spoilers like this during the week as the Sullust kits start to show up in stores.  I'm sure we will know all of the unspoiled cards very soon.


  1. Outrider - While attacking you may reroll 1 die for each enemy squadron or enemy ship at distance 1?

  2. You guys got the rest of the spoilers coming for the other ships?

  3. Question for me is - which one to take if you make it to the final for Sullust? I love Boba's bomber and damage ability, but the Hound's Tooth is pretty awesome against fighters!

    Probably Boba edges it as there will be more ships than squadrons in that game.

    1. Why limit yourself to just 1? You only need at least 1.

    2. True! But if I am lucky enough to get that far, I am stacking the ISD with goodies over extra squadrons.

    3. I would have to give Han a try myself. His ability just seems like too much fun.

  4. How do you think Boba Fett's special ability works against ships? It just says one damage, so is that straight on the hull? No hull zone mentioned for shield allocation.

    1. My feeling is that it should apply to shields and until FAQed I will likely play it that way. But, I can see the argument both ways. When asteroids damage a ship it refers to gaining a damage card. I would expect the same if the damage by-passed shields.

    2. Damage not targeting a hull zone is taken where the defender chooses. So yes you can take it on a shielded side and it will hit the shield.

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