Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wave 4 and other news

I was out of town for the past few days and away from the internet.  I come back and find out that we will get a whole other wave of Armada ships this year!  That's almost like a second Christmas.  I'm betting we see Wave 3 before GenCon, which will impact that tournament in a big way.

I could see some pre-release sales of Wave 4 at GenCon with the full release shortly afterwards.

I'd been guessing that Wave 4 would be announced in September with Force Friday, but was obviously wrong.  I still think something gets announced then.  Last year it was the new Force Awakens starter for X-Wing that was announced and almost immediately released.  This year, I bet we see something for Rogue One, but who knows which line it will be for.

I'm excited about the Liberty and Interdictor showing up.  I'm really glad that they went with the Rebels version of the Interdictor as it is just a beautiful design and I love that show.  The title for the Liberty and how it interacts with Squadron Tokens makes me wonder if we get a new set of officers that grant the corresponding type of command token each turn.  

I will post up some more thoughts on Wave 4 soon.


  1. I am also happy we are getting smaller waves. One its a little easier on the wallet, and two it allows time to integrate the new ships into the fleets. Plus I am thrilled for another medium class ship for the imperials. The combo of the gravity system with tractor beams should be enjoyable.

  2. More waves means there is probably also less of a production bottleneck, so they can release ships more quickly. Which is a good thing! There is also probably a benefit in seeing how each wave affects the meta while designing the next few waves.

    I am super excited about the flotillas and the new battleships, FFG have really knocked it out of the park!