Monday, December 12, 2016

Arquitens Preview

With the release coming soon FFG posted their preview for the upcoming Arquitens Class Light Cruiser.  While it doesn't introduce any new mechanics like the Pelta did, this little ship is going to have a really big impact on your games of Armada.

The Arquitens expansion is going to impact the Armada scene in a so many ways.  Let me run through some that stand out to me:
  • The Imperials get a ship that excels while not having to fly straight at the opponent.  The VSD and ISD have those huge front arcs and the Raider and Gladiator really need to close to short range.  The Arquitens though wants to maintain long range and bring in some steady broadside firepower.  It isn't particularly amazing at double arc-ing, especially at long range and seems happiest combining its firepower with another ship in your fleet rather than overwhelming it with its own shots.  This is going to open some awesome new tactical options for Imperial players.  I can't wait to use them for this reason alone.
  • As an Admiral, I think Vader will just love the Arquitens.  His ability works with it so well.  In the fire support role, with Vader as an Admiral I think that Slaved Turrets make a ton of sense for the Arq.  It doesn't lose any dice while firing at long range with Slaved Turrets active and Vader is there to keep the results consistent. 
  • If they aren't lead by Vader I think I like the new Dual Turbolaser Turrets quite a bit on the Arquitens.  They work well with its firepower and allow for safely fishing for better results.  I don't think I would run TRCs without Tagge or Needa handy.  That one Evade token is the only real damage reduction option on the ship and it will be needed.  I think that DTTs will be a popular choice for lots of ships that rely on red dice but can't use TRCs or Leading Shots.  I can see them showing up on Assault Frigates for the Rebels.
  • Minister Tua has Imperial players swooning.  She gives the options for a Defensive Refit to any ship in your fleet.  This is huge for VSDs and ISD Is that couldn't take ECMs and were very vulnerable to having their Brace token constantly lost to accuracy results.  I expect Tua will be a very popular lady although the cost of 2 points and your officer slot will be tough to pay in some cases.
  • Reinforced Blast Doors is a really interesting card.  It's an absolute steal if you don't get one-shotted, but worthless if your opponent can deal full hull damage in a single round.  This card will be great with Motti or players with a defensive play style. 
  • I also think JerJerrod will be a fun Admiral to play.  Everyone is focusing on him being a great option for VSD fleets, but I love him in any fleet.  One damage to turn sharper at any time is such a great ability.  When you use Jerjerrod you will almost never need a Nav command.  You can just up your Nav on demand.  That will make programming your command dials so much easier.  Again, the new tactical option of this admiral are really fun.  Can't wait to try him out.
So, while the Arquitens may not have anything as flashy as the Fleet Command upgrades of the Pelta, both the ship and the new upgrades that come with it will have a real place in Armada fleets going forward.

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  1. I am very excited by this new little ship. I could see it acting as a trailer for the Imperial fleet, running down survivors of the initial engagement with reliable red dice at range. Or as a more threatening flanker than the raider. Keeping it cheap and increasing damage reliability will be key.

    The upgrades are great too. A really nice addition for the Imperial Navy!