Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My First Wave 5 Fleet

Someday, hopefully soon, Armada Wave 5 will be released.  I've pretty much known since it was announced the fleet I would want to play as it soon was available: Phoenix Squadron!  I am a huge fan of the Rebels tv show and the chance to recreate a fleet from that show is too much fun to pass up.

Basic Plan & Formation

 There aren't many times when a Star Wars fleet that appears on screen fits into a standard 400 point Armada fleet.  The Rebel fleet shown in the episode "The Siege of Lothal" is a rare example that would work and I am looking forward to giving it a try.  Now, the fact that Vader showed up and whipped this fleet solo shouldn't be too encouraging to me, but I will give it a try anyways.


On screen the fleet appears to be made of a Pelta Class Command Ship and 5 CR-90s.  I am not sure I can make that many corvettes work, so I am going to go with 3 CR-90s like you see in the above picture.


Commander Jun Sato is the obvious choice here.  Although I am not too sure that this mix of ships really plays to his strengths.


The Ghost and a mess of A-Wings seem to be the best choice for Phoenix Squadron.  I could even add in a generic YT-2400 as Steel Squadron or the Shadow Caster if I wanted.  A single B-Wing squad would also be thematic.


It seems like I will want to go with a reasonably high squadron compliment and use the Phoenix Home to order them around.  The Ghost's ability means I won't need too many squadron orders to keep things working.  Ahsoka Tano as an officer makes some sense as well.  With all those A-Wings using All Squadrons Follow Me doesn't make a ton of sense.  So either Entrapment Formation or Shields to Maximum would have to be my Fleet Command.  Shields to Maximum might be nice for the CR-90s who can struggle to recover once they are damaged.

What I am unsure of is how to get the most benefit from Sato while using CR-90s.  I think I will just go with the amusement of throwing black dice at long range with some CR-90a's.


I'm thinking that I'd want to use some of the new objectives.  Blockade Run seems thematic although the Pelta is only going to make it with Engine Techs.  Fighter Ambush seems to fit the fleet as well.  Salvage Run also seems like something the crew is frequently up to in rebels.  So, those are at least flavorful objectives.  We will see if they are any good for this fleet.

Fleet List

Pelta Class Command Ship
  • Commander Sato
  • Phoenix Home
  • Ahsoka Tano
  • Raymus Antilles
  • Expanded Hangars
  • Engine Techs
  • Shields to Maximum
  • TRC
  • TRC
  • Ion Cannon Batteries
6x A-Wings

It doesn't seem like the best fleet, but it will certainly feel thematic.  I just wish it could take better advantage of Sato's ability.  Any suggestions?

Maybe I'll have to build a fleet with Konstantin in an Interdictor and some Arquitens to fight against this?


  1. Nice fleet. Regarding your question about taking advantage of Sato...

    Okay, so of course Sato will let those CR90s swap out attack dice. That means you may very well not be throwing red dice, and TRCs only affect reds. What if you gave them XX-9s? It triggers off of any crit, and if you're consistently swapping black dice into your attacks through Sato, you'll have plenty of crits to choose from.

    1. That's a great point. Maybe Enhanced Armament would work too. That way I can have 2 black dice out the side.

  2. I personally think Entrapment Formation would work better, allowing you to change the speed of your Corvettes by one each turn. That frees up the usual nav command for concentrate fire - which can be combined with Sato's ability.

    If you have TRCs, it might be better to use Sato to add a blue die to get an accuracy at long range, to avoid evade defence tokens. Sadly no ordnance experts to take advantage of, otherwise black dice would be great here too.

    Spinal armaments or enhanced armaments could be fun here.

    1. Definitely leaning towards switching to Enhanced Armaments on the CR-90s. I know it won't be a good fleet, but I am still looking forward to playing with it.

  3. This is great fun! Similar list here: