Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Impact of Flotillas

There have been a few posts over on the FFG forums about changes in the game with Waves 3 & 4 and how squadrons are becoming a much more important part of the game.  I think around this time last year I was writing on here about how squadronless fleets weren't the only way to win.  Yay internet!

Anyways, I originally posted this as a response on the FFG forums, but wanted to share it here as well.  I am really liking the impact of flotillas on the game although at first I was dubious.  Read on to see what I had to say:

I really like the current meta.

I've never been a big squadron player.  If you know me, I like running gunlines or other formations of capital ships with squadrons and small ships in supporting roles.  I'm still doing that now and it works great.

What I am loving is that I can finally bring a well rounded fleet that can do everything.  I can have big, hard-hitting ships, I can have fast, support ships, I can throw in some flotillas for support and additional activations, and I can do that while still bringing more than a token squadron force.

Before flotillas you just couldn't pull that off.  High activation count fleets relied on Rogue if they had squadrons, which limited numbers.  Heavy squadron fleets were often severely out activated.  Big hitters would either have a couple of support ships or squadrons, but not both.

So, now you can build a well rounded fleet.  Ya know, a fleet like the Rebels used at Endor or Scarif.  With cruisers, frigates, and flotillas supporting enough squadrons to both attack and defend.  Or fleets like the Imperials employ on Rebels with ISDs supported by Arquitens, Gozantis, and swarms of TIEs.  That's pretty amazing.

Now, you can still skew if you want to and go with max squadrons and ships built as carriers to support them. Or all ship fleets with only token squadrons to defend them, or MSUs supported by Rogues.  Really, whatever you want.  No one archetype is dominating the current regionals.  Flotillas are there, but they are enabling the strategies being used.  Not all of them are BCC squadron pushers.  Many players are using flotillas plus Comm Nets to support their heavy hitters.

Lots of squadrons are not mandatory for success.  We've had multiple winners with minimal squadron screens and multiple Top 4's with no squadrons at all.  In fact for Top 4 finishes, no squadron lists are seriously outperforming expectations.

Right now though I am just loving that I can bring a well rounded fleet that reflects the fleets I see on screen in Star Wars.

The last Regionals before Wave 5 and Corellian Conflict become legal are wrapping up this weekend.  As soon as I have those results I will be writing up a post looking at how Wave 3 and 4 impacted the Regional season.  Look for that later this week.

Oh yeah, Rogue One was amazing!

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  1. Totally agree with this. The game is just getting better, especially I have now learned to embrace the squadron play. It is part of what makes Armada greater than X-wing with star destroyers.

    I have had a chance to play with wave 5, and there are some really game changing new additions. To name but a few of my favourites, the Lambda (relay is incredible) and the TIE defender (a genuine fighter bomber). Plus flechette torpedoes will upend the squadron game.

    Great times for Armada.