Monday, January 23, 2017

Are the ads annoying?

I turned on ads on this blog back in December to see if they might supplement my gaming budget a little.  Turns out it may take over a year to have any real payout at my traffic level.

So, I've been questioning if they are worth it?  The site is already not always the most visually interesting thing.  How annoying are the ads to you as a reader?


  1. I don't have an issue. Go for it mate

  2. Does not bother me either.
    But since you are not making money on them.
    I suppose it doesn't bother you to turn them off.
    Nobody cares in the end :D

  3. They aren't pop-ups so no problem.

    We just have to increase your traffic level!

  4. No issue for me. Saves you having to charge us directly for content!